Molen Dream

One day Brent and I will buy a home and put down roots and feel like real adults. Renting is great for the transitional times in life when you’re not sure how long you’ll be in one location, but having a place of your own that you know will hold years of family memories really appeals to me. When the time comes I’d be absolutely giddy if we had the chance to purchase a mid-century home. Not that we’re looking just yet (though we have decided to stick around Salt Lake post grad school), but if we were I’d be seriously interested in this incredible Ron Molen house, recently posted on City Home Collective. The floor plan is fabulous and the large windows let in so much beautiful light and glimpses of nature. And that backyard!

cityhome1Ron Molen was a designer in the 50s and 60s, and there’s actually quite a decent collection of his mid-century modern homes in the Salt Lake Valley. I visited one on a modern homes tour in Olympus Cove last year. I’d change a few wall colors, but other than that, this Molen home is pretty perfect! Check out a full collection of images and get details on the home here.

cityhome5cityhome4 cityhome2 cityhome3Images from City Home Collective here.

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One Response to Molen Dream

  1. Tara says:

    that is a pretty amazing home.

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