Arches – Day 2

Our second day at Arches was hotter than the first day. After a quick breakfast we started out by hiking through the Park Avenue section. With mammoth, red cliffs on either side of the trail you want to walk looking up the whole time. It’s so impressive. We hiked from one viewpoint to another, passing the Three Gossips, Sheep Rock, and then over to Courthouse Towers and back. Honestly it was one of the most gorgeous hikes, with such magnificent rock walls on either side and weathered, lined sand stone on the canyon floor. They say 300 million years ago all of the Moab area was covered in a prehistoric lake. The land seems timeless, indestructible, ever changing. After the hike we went and had a perfect little lunch at a shaded picnic site with a view of Balanced Rock. A hike to Double Arch in the Windows Section followed lunch, then we went back to our campsite to escape the heat and read for a while.

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A burger and milk shake dinner at Milt’s Stop & Eat (Moab’s oldest restaurant) gave us fuel for an evening of more hiking. We went out to the North and South Windows, and Turret Arch for sunset. It was absolutely beautiful and we just sat absorbing the smells, sounds, growing shadows, and sites of a desert at dusk – our favorite. When you grow up in the desert you quickly learn that a day time landscape and night time landscape are two different worlds. It’s magical. That night we lounged by the campfire and the next day we headed home early to pick up the pooch and get things in order for the week. It was a really fabulous long weekend, and hopefully we’ll back to the area real soon.

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