Seven Years

We celebrated our seven year wedding anniversary on June 15th. Seven years, can you believe it?! It’s incredible how quickly time passes. A thoughtful Ballet West patron gifted us a one-night stay in a luxury suite at the Stein Eriksen Lodge in Deer Valley. We’d never really been up on the hill above Park City before and it was absolutely beautiful. The weather was a little chilly but the sun was out and the air was clean and fresh and smelled like spiced firewood. Of course the lodge was absolutely incredible as well, with a suite at least 2 times larger than our entire condo.

Anniversary-001 Anniversary-002 Anniversary-003 Anniversary-005 Anniversary-006 Anniversary-007 Anniversary-008

We watched some world cup soccer and relaxed then walked around the beautiful property. After getting dressed up for dinner we enjoying a somewhat glutinous steak dinner at Grub Steak Restaurant then made use of the balcony jacuzzi, surrounded by pine trees and aspens. The next morning we woke up leisurely, made a fire and shared some tea on the crisp balcony in our bath robes while we browsed the New York Times. We had a delicious brunch at The Eating Establishment on Main Street before heading back to Salt Lake. The entire weekend was perfect and we had such a wonderful time. It’s always nice to get away and be together, doing nothing much at all but enjoying each others company.

Anniversary-009 Anniversary-010 Anniversary-011 Anniversary-012 Anniversary-013 Anniversary-014 Anniversary-015 Anniversary-016 Anniversary-017 Anniversary-018 Anniversary-019 Anniversary-020 Anniversary-021 Anniversary-022 Anniversary-023 Anniversary-024 Anniversary-025 Anniversary-026 Anniversary-027 Anniversary-028 Anniversary-029 Anniversary-030 Anniversary-031 Anniversary-032 Anniversary-033 Anniversary-034

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