Wedding Flowers

My baby sister is getting married the end of this month. It’s going to be simple and lovely and minimal – just what she’s always wanted. She’s not planning a reception after the ceremony, so there isn’t much for me to help with. As someone who organizes events for a living it’s weird not mapping out all the details and executing an elaborate evening for the two lovebirds. I may have secretly let my mind run away with me a few times imaging what I’d do if they decided to go that route. In the meantime there’s one thing I am arranging, flowers. She wants them in her hair instead of in her hand – smart lady. She has gorgeous thick hair so it’s going to look beautiful. I love the simplicity and elegance of floral crowns and green sprigs in the hair. Here are a few ideas we’ll be pulling from. She’ll most likely stick with something fairly simple, but some of these more elaborate pieces are stunning too. Beautiful budding brides. Sigh.

FlowerCrowns FlowerCrowns2

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