Quick Trip Back East

The other week I spent a few days at the ElevateDC events conference. A full day surrounded by other event professionals was very enlightening and the workshops provided a lot of really great insight into the future of event management and the art of creating memorable live experiences. On my first evening in DC I went for a 5 mile run past the white house, Washington Monument, and up to the Lincoln Memorial. Running is a pretty great way to cover a lot of tourist ground quickly. My timing was perfect, just as the sunset was lighting up a post-storm sky. (Excuse my sweaty runner selfies. Being a solo tourist out for a run with a cell phone doesn’t really make for the best photos.)

DC1 photo DC2

The first day was busy meeting people, attending the conference, and setting up meetings for day two. The BizBash folks put on a great event and I learned a lot. I spent a second day location scouting for a reception space when Ballet West in on tour at the Kennedy Center this December. I also had some time in between everything to stop in at a few museums including the National Gallery, Air & Space Museum, and National Geographic Museum. I even lucked out with an impromptu evening of live jazz and sangria in the National Gallery sculpture garden. It was a nice, quick trip and I had a good time. Of course it’s always more enjoyable when you have someone to share it with, but there’s always next time for Brent to join me.

DC3 DC4photo 1 (2) photo 2 (2)DC5photo 3 (2)DC6photo 4 (2)

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