Spiral Jetty

We spent the day of Christmas Eve exploring the Spiral Jetty and far north end of the Great Salk Lake. It was a really cold day and we had the whole place to ourselves. The jetty is pretty awesome, a man-made art project from 1970. We walked out onto the frozen salt flats beyond the jetty and found ourselves in another world. The blue and orange pastel colors from the sky mirrored by the cold, foamy water on white salt. Everything was brisk and clear. It was incredible – like being on a different planet. Exploring little pieces of this big world with Brent is my very favorite thing.

Spiral Jetty-001 Spiral Jetty-003 Spiral Jetty-002 Spiral Jetty-005Spiral Jetty-009 Spiral Jetty-008 Spiral Jetty-007 Spiral Jetty-011 Spiral Jetty-012 Spiral Jetty-013 Spiral Jetty-014Spiral Jetty-004 Spiral Jetty-015 Spiral Jetty-016 Spiral Jetty-017

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