Goblin Valley

In late February we took a spontaneous road trip to Goblin Valley. Brent was planning on using the state park as a location in his current short film, so we went down to scout the best spot for his scene. The weather was incredible, the sun was warm, the breeze was perfect, the company was amazing, and the hoodoos were doing their hoodoo thing.

goblin-003goblin-001 goblin-005goblin-002 goblin-004 goblin-006 goblin-007 goblin-008 goblin-009 goblin-010 goblin-011 goblin-012 goblin-013 goblin-014 goblin-015 goblin-016

After an incredible afternoon soaking up some vitamin D and hiking all over the area we enjoyed a beautiful sunset followed by the lightest, softest rain – just enough to get the creosote and soil smelling amazing. The temperature cooled off and everything was calm. There’s nothing like a desert rain – it affects every one of the senses in the most soothing way. It was a pretty perfect day.

goblin-017 goblin-018 goblin-019 goblin-020 goblin-021 goblin-022 goblin-023 goblin-024

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