In Process

I’m always really proud of Brent’s work. He approaches each project with vision and creativity. His ability to find and tell a story, a narrative arch, in each piece he creates is one of his strongest assets. He recently shot a piece for the University of Utah’s School of Fine Art that played at an annual awards ceremony. In celebration of art the event featured performances from the dance departments, theatre troops, and orchestra. But how do you enjoy the process of painting, sculpture, design, photography in an auditorium? That’s where Brent came in. He followed the artistic process of several students and created this incredibly inspiring piece, which was played to close of the awards ceremony. It’s always fascinating to watch him execute what he see’s in his mind, collecting footage and piecing everything together just so. This makes me want to be an artist when I grow up.

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Weekend Wanderings

Fall along the Wasatch is always beautiful, but this year seems to be particularly breath taking. Over the last three weeks there have been so many perfect days. This weekend was busy with errands and chores, but we definitely made time to wander outdoors. On Saturday we picked up a chai from our favorite spot and walked around the neighborhood then took Mingus to Sugar House Park. By early afternoon it was warm enough to ditch the sweaters and enjoy some sunshine. This time of year does good things for my soul.

Weekend1-002 Weekend1-001Weekend1-003Weekend-001 Weekend1-004Weekend-006Weekend-005Weekend-003Weekend-002Weekend-007Weekend-004

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Beautiful Bracken

A dear friend just started a company making custom fresh floral jewelry. It’s absolutely stunning. If you have a special occasion or wedding coming up, or just want something incredibly unique and lovely, look them up. I imagine Bracken is going to be very busy in the coming months. Congrats, Alyssa and Laura.


Image from here.

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Halloween’s a Brewin

The last few years Halloween has fallen on the same week as the Ballet West Annual Gala. Naturally as the person producing the entire event I didn’t really have extra time to make Halloween a priority. We haven’t dressed up as a couple in 4 or 5 years, and I’m thinking this is the year to change that. These couples costumes are my top two picks and would be pretty fun if we could pull them off. Now the trick is to pick one and find the right pieces.


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A Fall Afternoon

This weekend Brent and I spent some time wandering around Park City Mountain Resort. We started by hiking in the Silver Star area then took the PCMR chair lift to the top of the mountain. It was incredibly beautiful, with perfect temperatures and brilliant colors. I couldn’t believe the yellow aspen trees. Everything was glowing and it was totally magical. Spending an afternoon with the love of my life in the beauty of nature was perfect.

fall-001 fall-003 fall-004 fall-006 fall-007 fall-009 fall-010fall-011fall-012fall-014fall-016fall-018fall-019fall-020fall-026fall-021fall-022fall-024fall-025fall-027fall-029fall-028

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Hair Change

It’s been a while since I’ve done anything exciting with my hair. Besides subtle color changes the last major thing I did was cut bangs 4 years ago. I was “growing it out” for years and years and honestly when you have thin hair that’s slow moving like mine it takes that long to get any kind of length. But now I have long hair and that’s that. I’m feeling like maybe it’s time for a change. I’ve been browsing several different options but am having a hard time committing. Maybe I’ll just sit on the idea for a little while.

Hair Options

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Sweaters for a Cozy Fall

Fall is definitely in the air. Living in Salt Lake and working in Park City means I get to escape to the mountains every day and see the colors changing. There’s nothing better than curling up in a cozy fall sweater with a cup of tea to watch a colorful landscape. Of course any of these fabulous sweaters would do.

Fall Coats1FallSweaters

One | Two
Three | Four


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