Modern Classic

I’m really digging this modern-day makeover of a classic mid-century style. Dot & Bo put together a fun collection that’s definitely worth a Thursday perusing.

Mid-CenturyImage from here.

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Fount Leather Love

There are some incredibly beautiful leather products out there. Sleek craftsmanship with longevity. I love the collection of bags and pouches from Fount. You can’t go wrong throwing a leather carry-all bag over your shoulder and stepping out for an adventure.

_MG_2788 fountjan2015-118 fountjan2015-126 HOMEPAGE+LLEWLLEW+CREDITPhotos from here.


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Spiral Jetty

We spent the day of Christmas Eve exploring the Spiral Jetty and far north end of the Great Salk Lake. It was a really cold day and we had the whole place to ourselves. The jetty is pretty awesome, a man-made art project from 1970. We walked out onto the frozen salt flats beyond the jetty and found ourselves in another world. The blue and orange pastel colors from the sky mirrored by the cold, foamy water on white salt. Everything was brisk and clear. It was incredible – like being on a different planet. Exploring little pieces of this big world with Brent is my very favorite thing.

Spiral Jetty-001 Spiral Jetty-003 Spiral Jetty-002 Spiral Jetty-005Spiral Jetty-009 Spiral Jetty-008 Spiral Jetty-007 Spiral Jetty-011 Spiral Jetty-012 Spiral Jetty-013 Spiral Jetty-014Spiral Jetty-004 Spiral Jetty-015 Spiral Jetty-016 Spiral Jetty-017

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Life after Sundance

I’m alive. I survived my first Sundance Film Festival and feel really good about the experience. Our team of 13 executed 80 beautiful events over 10 days, and yes – we’re all exhausted. It’s very rewarding to see months of hard work on display. I’ve always said producing events means there’s a very real, visible, representation of your work. Everything is on display and there’s no hiding the outcome of your efforts. Fortunately that’s generally a very positive experience for me. Here’s a collection of short clips from the festival. Enjoy a glimpse of my month.

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Catch Up

Wow, it’s been a while. These last couple months have been busy – start of a new job, Brent’s film projects, photo and event freelance jobs, holidays. I have some catch up to do, and if the weather is less than perfect this weekend I plan to curl up by my Christmas tree, turn on Holiday Inn, and make some progress.


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In Process

I’m always really proud of Brent’s work. He approaches each project with vision and creativity. His ability to find and tell a story, a narrative arch, in each piece he creates is one of his strongest assets. He recently shot a piece for the University of Utah’s School of Fine Art that played at an annual awards ceremony. In celebration of art the event featured performances from the dance departments, theatre troops, and orchestra. But how do you enjoy the process of painting, sculpture, design, photography in an auditorium? That’s where Brent came in. He followed the artistic process of several students and created this incredibly inspiring piece, which was played to close of the awards ceremony. It’s always fascinating to watch him execute what he see’s in his mind, collecting footage and piecing everything together just so. This makes me want to be an artist when I grow up.

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Weekend Wanderings

Fall along the Wasatch is always beautiful, but this year seems to be particularly breath taking. Over the last three weeks there have been so many perfect days. This weekend was busy with errands and chores, but we definitely made time to wander outdoors. On Saturday we picked up a chai from our favorite spot and walked around the neighborhood then took Mingus to Sugar House Park. By early afternoon it was warm enough to ditch the sweaters and enjoy some sunshine. This time of year does good things for my soul.

Weekend1-002 Weekend1-001Weekend1-003Weekend-001 Weekend1-004Weekend-006Weekend-005Weekend-003Weekend-002Weekend-007Weekend-004

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